Fotodiox Pro 70

  • Pro Grade, Heat Resistant Premium Grade Materials w/ Heavy Duty Construction
  • Features Inner Baffle and Outer Diffusive Cover for Even Light Throw
  • Sealable Venting for use with Continuous Lighting, Rotating Speeding with Thumb Screw Lock
  • Lightweight eggcrate design grid, 50 degree angle, produce controled light source
  • Each grid is 2″x2″ and 1.5″ deep, Each size adjustable by collapsing cells

The Fotodiox Pro Softbox is a sturdy and economical version of the standard softbox designs available today and is perfect for studio and multi-day shooting. It is made with Fotodiox high quality reflective and diffusive materials. The dome of the softbox is made of durable Pro-grade omni-bounce silver reflective fabric with black backing. It also features a white diffusive baffle inside the dome to provide softer lighting as needed. An outer, white diffusive cover closes the front of the softbox and is attached by velcro making varied lighting options quick and easy. The included eggcrate (soft grid) alters the existing light source into its unique shape and intensity to fit challenging light requirements. The dedicated speedring is specifically designed for your strobe light to fit standard softboxes, both rectangular and strip boxes. The speed ring allows rotation of softbox while on light fixtures.


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