CowboyStudio 1100 Watt Photography/Video Studio Fluorescent 2-Bank Lighting Kits – 4 x 55 Watt Daylight Tubes, 2 9ft Light Stands

  • Two (2) Premium 2 Bank Lighting Set
  • Four (4) 55 Watt Fluorescent Light Tubes, Made in Italy
  • Two (2) Front diffusers
  • Two (2) Heavy duty 9 Ft Light Stands
  • Two (2) 18 ft power cords

Video Light:
Bulb Life: 8000 hours;
Volts: 110V;
Amp Rating: 10 amps;
Color Temperature: 5400° K;
Equivalent to 550W of incandescent light – total 1100 Watt;
Bulbs are Osram.

Light Stand:
Height is adjustable from 3ft 8in to 9ft;5/8″ stem; 1/4″ screw tip on the stem; Uses quick release levers, allowing full and smooth height adjustments; Footprint is 3ft 9in to provide extra stability; Made from alluminum alloy with a professional black satin finish; Spring cushioned; Folds up quickly and easily; 3ft 4in long when closed; Max load is 16 lbs.


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